Honda Accord 8 / Acura TSX gen 2 widebody kit
The item include:
- front fender flares (+60 mm each side)
- rear fender flares (+70 mm each side)
- side skirts (the kit can't be installed without it)
- rear trunk spoiler (optional)
- bolts and rivets

Gray color (gelcoat. not paint)

Specs of the wheels for example:
Rear - 10,5j -15 offset and minimum camber degree
Front 10j -15 offset and minimum camber degree.

The fender flares fastened to bolts and rivets or black sealant. The duckbill spoiler fastened to black sealant. The sideskirts fastened to black sealant (and we reccomend use plates on the bottom of parts for connecting fenders and sideskirts. Plates doesn't include). Good fitting!

Car model: Accord 8 / TSX gen2

Material: Fiberglass

Type: Widebody

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